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Generate projects


Project generation is one of Tuist's core features. It loads your project's dependency graph by reading the manifest files (e.g. Project.swift, Workspace.swift), and translates it into Xcode projects and workspaces. You can think of manifest files as an simple and approachable abstraction of Xcode projects' intricacies, and Xcode projects and workspaces as a implementation detail to edit your project's code.


To generate the project in the current directory, youn can simply run:

tuist generate

The command accepts the --path argument, which can be used to generate the project in a different directory.

There might be situations when you are only interested in generating the project in a given directory, and not the projects it depends on. For that, you can pass the argument --project-only.


--path-pThe path to the directory that contains the definition of the project.Current directoryNo
--project-only-POnly generate the local project (without generating its dependencies).FalseNo
--open-oOpen the project after generating it.FalseNo