Last updated 23 days ago

As you might already know, Tuist is an open source project that encourages external contributions to help improve the project. Those contributions can come in different shapes: issue reports, pull requests, participation in discussions, writing documentation, adding tests.

Doing a contribution to a project you haven't been involved with before might seem intimidating. It's understandable and that's the reason why we'd like to provide you with all the resources and support to help you overcome the fear and be part of the project and the community.

In this page and the following pages, you'll find useful resources that we recommend you to read through before start contributing to the project. Those resources are actively updated as the project and the community grows.


Although most of the interactions around code happen on GitHub, there are some discussions that are not related to code and where GitHub is not the most convenient channel to have them. For those discussions, Tuist has a Slack group that you can join to talk to other Tuist members. Joining the group is straightforward, you can access this website where you can introduce your email address to get an invitation.