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Getting set up for developing Tuist


Tuist is a Swift package which requires Swift Package Manager (Swift PM) to build and develop it. If you already have Xcode installed, then you are set! See the Swift PM installation section for details on alternate methods of setting it up.


To build Tuist, you can run the build command:

swift build

This will produce a binary for tuist and tuistenv within the .build folder. To run the built binaries you can use:

swift run tuist <arguments>


swift run tuistenv <arguments>


Tuist has a suite of unit tests as well as acceptance tests to ensure it continues to function correctly without regressions throughout its development cycle.

Unit tests

Unit tests are XCTest style tests which can be run either within Xcode or from the command line using:

swift test

These tests live within the Tests directory.

Acceptance tests

Acceptance tests are cucumber style tests that test the Tuist command line as a whole.

To run those, you’ll first need to setup your environment:

gem install bundler
bundle install

Once setup, you can run the acceptance tests via:

bundle exec rake features

These tests live within the features directory.


Tuist can also be developed within Xcode. To generate an Xcode project you can run:

swift package generate-xcodeproj