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Analytics events

This document shows the list of all analytics events sent by Tuist.


A CommandEvent is sent every time a Tuist command successfully completes. Schema:

Parameter nameParameter typeParameter descriptionExampleRequired
nameStringThe name of the Tuist commandcachetrue
subcommandStringThe name of the Tuist sub-commandwarmfalse
parameters[String: String]A dictionary containing the parameters of the command["verbose" : "true"]false
durationInMsIntThe duration of the command, in milliseconds1200true
clientIdStringAn anonymous identifier for the client executing the command202cb962ac59075b964b07152d234b70true
tuistVersionStringThe version of Tuist when the command run1.27.0true
swiftVersionStringThe version of Swift when the command run5.0true
macOSVersionStringThe version of macOS when the command run10.15.7true
machineHardwareNameStringA string identifing the architecture of the operating systemarm64true