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Core team

The Tuist Core Team is a group of Tuist contributors that have demonstrated a lasting enthusiasm for the project and community. The Core Team has GitHub admin privileges on all Tuist repositories.


The Tuist Core Team has the following responsibilities:

  • Being available to answer high-level questions about Tuist's vision and future.
  • Being available to review longstanding/forgotten pull requests.
  • Occasionally check Tuist issues, offer input, and categorize with GitHub issue labels.
  • Looking out for up-and-coming members of the Tuist community who might want to serve as Core Team members.

Note that the Tuist Core Team – and all Tuist contributors – are open source volunteers; membership on the Core Team is expressly not an obligation. The Core Team is distinguished as leaders in the community and while they are a good group to turn to when someone needs an answer to a question, they are still volunteering their time, and may not be available to help immediately.


Adding new Core Team Members#

The process for adding new Core Team members is as follows:

  • An existing Core Team member reaches out privately to see if the individual is interested. If they are, open a pull request adding them to the list.
  • Existing Core Team members review the pull request. The person merging the PR is responsible for adding them to the Core Team GitHub group.