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Tuist relies on project-scoped and global caches to speed up some of its workflows. If for any reason you want to clean these caches, you can use the tuist clean command. When no argument is passed, the command cleans all the cache categories. Otherwise, you can pass the cache category you want to clean.


The following are the categories of caches that Tuist manages:

binariesBinaries for Tuist Cloud binary cacheGlobal
selectiveTestsState for Tuist Cloud selective tests cacheGlobal
pluginsPre-compiled pluginsGlobal
generatedAutomationProjectsProjects generated for automation tasks like buildGlobal
projectDescriptionHelpersPre-compiled modules for project description helpersGlobal
manifestsJSON-serialized manifest files to speed up project generationGlobal
dependenciesSPM dependencies fetched by TuistProject

You can pass one or multiple categories to the tuist clean command. For example, to clean the binaries and plugins categories, you can run:

tuist clean plugins binaries

Released under the MIT License.