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One of the advantages of extracting the project graph from its implicitly codified form in Xcode projects and workspaces, is that Tuist knows it ahead of time and can provide useful features to developers. One of those features is the ability to export and visualize the graph through the tuist graph command.

Graph image

By default, tuist graph outputs and opens the image graph.png at the root of the project:

tuist graph
tuist graph --no-open
tuist graph --output-path /tmp/graphs

Algorithms and formats

When the dependency graph is large, the generated image might be hard to visually parse. In those scenarios, we recommend playing with other formats and algorithms and using interactive tools to work with them:

  • Formats: .dot, .json, .png, and .svg
  • Algorithms: dot, neato, twoapi, circo, fdp, sfdp, and patchwork.

Filtering Needs improvement

You can use some flags to filter nodes from the graph:

  • --skip-test-targets: Skip Test targets during graph rendering.
  • --skip-external-dependencies Skip external dependencies.
  • --platform: A platform to filter. Only targets for this platform will be showed in the graph. Available platforms: ios, macos, tvos, watchos


The filtering options are not flexible enough and can grow into an inconsistent filtering interface. We are aware of that and we have plans to come up with a language that's universal across various commands.

Released under the MIT License.