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Using Tuist with a Swift Package beta

Tuist supports using Package.swift as a DSL for your projects–It converts your package targets into a native Xcode project and targets.


The aim of this feature is to provide an easy way for developers to assess the impact of adopting Tuist and Tuist Cloud in their Swift Packages. Therefore, we don't plan to support the full range of Swift Package Manager features nor to bring every Tuist's unique features like project description helpers to the packages world.

Using Tuist with a Swift Package

We are going to use Tuist with the Swift Composable Architecture repository, which contains a Swift Package. The first thing that we need to do is to clone the repository:

git clone
cd swift-composable-architecture

Once in the repository's directory, we need to install the Swift Package Manager dependencies:

tuist install

Under the hood tuist install uses the Swift Package Manager to resolve and pull the dependencies of the package. After the resolution completes, you can then generate the project:

tuist generate

Voilà! You have a native Xcode project that you can open and start working on.

Caching the dependencies as binaries

One of the advantages of using native Xcode projects through Tuist over Xcode's standard integration is that you can use binary caching to turn the package dependencies into binaries and speed up your workflows. To do that, you need to run the following command:

tuist cache

It'll then build the dependencies and store them in the cache. The next time you generate the project, Tuist will fetch the dependencies from the cache instead of building them from source.

tuist generate


Binary caching is part of Tuist Cloud and is available for free within the same environment. If you want to share the artifacts across different environments, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Released under the MIT License.