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Version: 3.x


Tuist can be configured through a shared Config.swift manifest. When Tuist is executed, it traverses up the directories to find a Tuist directory containing a Config.swift file. Defining a configuration manifest is not required, but recommended to ensure a consistent behaviour across all the projects that are part of the repository.

The example below shows a project that has a global Config.swift file that will be used when Tuist is run from any of the subdirectories:

/Tuist/Config.swift # Configuration manifest

That way, when executing Tuist in any of the subdirectories, it will use the shared configuration.

The snippet below shows an example configuration manifest:

import ProjectDescription

let config = Config(
compatibleXcodeVersions: ["10.3"],
swiftVersion: "5.4.0",
generationOptions: .options(
xcodeProjectName: "SomePrefix-\(.projectName)-SomeSuffix",
organizationName: "Tuist",
developmentRegion: "de"

API documentation

The API documentation for the latest version and main branch is available here:

Other versions can be found at by replacing VERSION with a version number (like X.Y.Z)