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iOS app with a dynamic framework that links a static framework

An example project demonstrating an iOS application linking a dynamic framework which itself depends on a static framework with transitive static dependencies.

Only Framework1.framework should be linked and included into App, everything else should be statically linked into the Framework1 executable.

  - App:
    - MainApp (iOS app)
    - MainAppTests (iOS unit tests)
  - Framework1:
    - Framework1 (dynamic iOS framework)
    - Framework1Tests (iOS unit tests)
  - Framework2:
    - Framework2 (static iOS framework)
    - Framework2Tests (iOS unit tests)
  - Framework3:
    - Framework3 (static iOS framework)
    - Framework3Tests (iOS unit tests)
  - Framework4:
    - Framework4 (static iOS framework)
    - Framework4Tests (iOS unit tests)


  • App -> Framework1
  • Framework1 -> Framework2
  • Framework1 -> Framework3
  • Framework3 -> Framework4

Check out example

Released under the MIT License.