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  • Cases
    • disabled
    • automatic
    • manual(mergeableDependencies:)
public enum MergedBinaryType: Equatable, Codable, Sendable

Represents the different options to configure a target for mergeable libraries



case disabled

Target is never going to merge available dependencies


case automatic

Target is going to merge direct target dependencies (just the ones declared as part of it's project). With this build setting, Xcode treats mergeable dependencies like normal dynamic libraries in debug builds, but performs steps in release mode to automatically handle merging for direct dependencies

A direct dependency is a library that meets two criteria:

  • The library is listed in your target’s Link Binary with Libraries build phase.
  • The library is the product of another target in your project.


case manual(mergeableDependencies: Set<String>)

Target is going to merge direct and specified dependencies that are not part of the project. The set of dependencies is going to reflect the list of precompiled dynamic dependencies you want to merge as part of the target. These binaries must be compiled with MAKE_MERGEABLE flag set to true

In some cases, you may want to manually configure merging between your app or framework target and dependent libraries. For example, you might not want to automatically merge dependencies that you share between an app and an app extension if you’re concerned about the app extension’s binary size. To set up manual merging, configure your app or framework target, then configure your dependent libraries.

In your app or framework target, add the flag mergedBinaryType and set it to manual. After you add that setting to your target:

  • In release builds, Xcode merges the products of any of its direct dependencies which have MAKE_MERGEABLE enabled using the linker flags -merge_framework, -merge-l and so on.
  • In debug builds, Xcode links any of your target’s direct dependencies which have MERGEABLE_LIBRARY enabled, but not MAKE_MERGEABLE with the linker flags -reexport_framework, -reexport-l, and so on.
  • Xcode uses normal linking for targets that don’t have MERGEABLE_LIBRARY enabled. This is the same linking that Xcode uses for static libraries, or dynamic libraries that aren’t mergeable.

Released under the MIT License.