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Tuist projects can declare test targets that run tests for the project. Traditionally, teams execute them using Xcode's GUI, the xcodebuild command-line tool, or higher-level abstraction tools like Fastlane Scan. Tuist provides a command, tuist test to generate the project if needed, and then run the tests with the xcodebuild command-line tool.

Why Tuist over xcodebuild

You might wonder what's the value of using tuist test over generating the project with tuist generate and running the tests with raw xcodebuild.

  • Single command: tuist test ensures the project is generated if needed before compiling the project.
  • Beautified output: Tuist enriches the xcodebuild output using xcbeautify
  • Selective testing: If you are using Tuist Cloud, Tuist can selectively run tests based on previous runs.

Tuist Cloud Test coming

Test flakiness is a tremendous source of frustration for developers and loss of productivity. Therefore, we are working on a set of features that will allow preventing, detecting, and fixing flaky tests. This will require the usage of tuist test, so if you are not using it yet, we recommend you start using it.

Running scheme tests

To run the tests of a project, you can use the tuist test command. This command will generate the project if needed, and then run the tests using the xcodebuild command-line tool. We support the use of the -- terminator to forward all subsequent arguments directly to xcodebuild. Arguments such as -workspace or -project cannot be used because tuist takes care of them.

tuist test MyScheme
tuist test --no-binary-cache
tuist test --no-selective-testing

Released under the MIT License.